Restaurant Smarts

Become A Restaurant Genius With RESTAURANT SMARTS

On Behalf of the Restaurant Smarts executive team, I want to let you know what a smart choice your going to make by joining Restaurant Smarts. Our executive team has over 40 years of experience is restaurant management including ownership, management, food service, and marketing. Together, we wanted to provide 1 SYSTEM that can manage your entire from of house, providing you with 1 RESOURCE that:

  •  Reduces Cost
  • Increases Customers
  • Reduces Labor
  • Increases Profits

Get The Restaurant Smarts System Which Includes:

  • Done For You Website

  • DIY Website & Funnel Builder

  • An Online Reservation System

  • A Waitlist System for Your Busiest Nights

  • A Unique For You Loyalty System

  • Membership to Reward Your Best Customers

  • SmartMinders – Custom Coupons Delivered to Your Customers based on previous spending in your business!

  • Catering Management System (Customizable)

  • Employee Hiring System (Customizable)

  • DIY Email Builder

  • DIY or Done For Conversational Text Messaging

  • Read all your messages from Text, Email, Facebook, Instagram, and Google on 1 screen!

  • 24/7 Live Customer Support

Custom Website & Funnels

Your customers expect your to have a complete digital presence and the foundation of that is your website. Restaurant Smarts brings contemporary website templates plus funnel sites designed to have customer complete revenue driving tasks.

All websites include:

  • A Professional Website Template Customized For Your Restaurant

  • Mobile First Design

  • Integration with the Restaurant Smarts dashboard to capture customer information and review data.

  • Hosting & SSL certificate

  • Restaurant Specific SEO

  • 24/7 Live Support through the Restaurant Smarts System

Reservation Management

Reservations bring known income to your restaurant and allow you to predict the resources you will need (labor and food) for those nights. By getting more customers to reserve tables, you will be able to better manage costs across the board.

The Restaurant Smarts Reservation system will integrate with your website as well as provide a form you can share across social media. It is customizable to half hour to optimize your restaurant’s space.

Waitlist Solutions

  • Customers register online, in person, or with QR code to be added to waitlist

  • Front of House staff controls waitlist with an Easy Slider

  • Customers receive SMS messages to let them know their place in waitlist

  • Provide suggestions about entrees, specials, or cocktails with customizable messages

  • BONUS: When you have long waits, sell those customizable messages to other businesses to help pay for your marketing!

Loyalty Programs that are Loyal to You

  • A typical loyalty program is really a discount program, that provides a discount for customers when they eat with you but does NOTHING if they stop frequenting your restaurant.

  • We developed SmartMinders to stop that.

  • Now, when a customer in your loyalty program isn’t seen for a while, we deploy an automatic coupon to this customer. The coupon value relates to the amount of money you missed out on.

  • Your best customers get the best coupons, all delivered automatically via text message, giving you a 90% chance they see it.

Membership Programs

Highlight Your Best Customers With Awesome Perks

  • Name Your Customer Tiers

  • Customize The Experience for Each Tier

  • Gamify the experience of dining at your restaurant


Expedite Your Catering

Every restaurant owner we know wants to expand their catering efforts, but can’t find the time to do it. We created an automated but customizable experience so that you can quickly handle catering requests without it interfering with your restaurants functioning.

  • When a customer hits a new stage of slider, automatically deploy texts and emails to prompt their next action.

  • Customize each stage based upon your menu.

  • Collect catering money over text message.

Streamline Your Hiring

Restaurant Smarts was founded in Houston, TX, where right now there are 72,000 jobs in restaurants according to Indeed. In this market, you need to find the right employees fast and process a lot of applications, so we set out to standardize this process.

Handle 20 applicants as fast as you can handle 1 right now!

  • Move applicants along an easy slider.
  • Never waste time sending the same message over and over again!
  • Load your own hiring packet to automatically send the best candidates
  • Allow potential employees to apply through Online Application, QR code, and text message.

Automate Your FAQs with AI

Collect contact information from WiFi users to stay in touch with customers.

  • Let your guests connect easily with a password-less login

  • Customize the look and feel of your WiFi Login

  • Capture Customer Emails for targeted email campaigns

  • Drive guests to your website and social media channels

  • Automatically prompt guests for reviews

  • Quick and easy setup with Plug-and-Play Box

Increase Your Profits.

Reduce Your Manpower.